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The work of the "pool maintenance" is changing rapidly. These days, it takes more than a bucket of chlorine and a scrubbing brush to maintain a pool of multiple standards customers expect.
The endless pool (Infinity Pools) separate location very suitable for underwater fun. These are man-made ​​pool for entertainment purposes, but there are some very special.
Swimming pool and the water is often absorbed places because direct contact with water and the solution. Therefore, waterproofing and swimming pool water is inevitable. Waterproof to water leakage to the outside, resistant to water and dirt.

A stunning infinity pool

The endless pool (Infinity Pools) separate location very suitable for underwater fun. These are man-made pool for entertainment purposes, but there are some very special.
This is a result of the construction is very unique and creative, this pool trick us that it seemed that pool water spread until ... horizon, just like bathing. And an endless pool was built next to the sea, those who swim will definitely think you're in the middle of the ocean while actually speaking, they are still soaking in a body of water has been disinfected with chlorine.
In case the tank is built on a cliff, endless pool will make customers happy and feeling fresh by making him think you are at the ends of the earth.

Although the origin of the pool a bit confusing, many theories have been put out that they were inspired by the rice terraces of Bali. Terraces, also known as the rice fields on high sloping towards the bottom, sometimes filled with water irrigation, and from certain angles, we will be impressed by the constant flow.
However, while the terraces are created by nature, the pool very different.

Preserve and maintain the pool like this is really a matter of concern for the environment. Swimming pools require a huge amount of water. A mid-size pool to use up to 25,000 gallons of water (25,000 gallons = 95.000 liters) - equal to the number of drinks for two people to full life.
Often when the pool is disinfected with a chlorine leak, the drain will probably threaten the environment and public health. The chemicals in the pool water will affect ground water and other water sources after it has soaked into the ground.

The best way to become friendly pool environment is surrounded a tool for anti-tank drainage called Tarp. This tool will help to reduce evaporation by up to 95%.

After the water tank at the evaporator, like it or not, the employees also have to pump thousands of gallons of water into the tank to make up for lost. But with the design of an infinity pool, Tarp instruments can not be used.

Therefore, each sized infinity pool takes about 15,000 gallons of water every year due to evaporation on the surface of the tank. Moreover, while extremely expensive pool to the warm water, the normal pool water can be warmed by solar energy.

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