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The work of the "pool maintenance" is changing rapidly. These days, it takes more than a bucket of chlorine and a scrubbing brush to maintain a pool of multiple standards customers expect.
The endless pool (Infinity Pools) separate location very suitable for underwater fun. These are man-made ​​pool for entertainment purposes, but there are some very special.
Swimming pool and the water is often absorbed places because direct contact with water and the solution. Therefore, waterproofing and swimming pool water is inevitable. Waterproof to water leakage to the outside, resistant to water and dirt.
• Slip fit tail has crosshair slots for easy access into 40mm pipe
• Adjustable eyeball to assist directional flow of water
• Flush fitting wall collar
• Max flow rate: 245 lpm
• Available in black, white and brown
• Also available in white with 50mm slip fit tail
Waterco’s Flush Deck Grating, installed around the edge of the pool, will boost skimming performance so leaves and debris are easily flushed away.

• 40 x 50mm
• Adjustable
• Slip fit tail slots for easy access into 40/50mm pipe
• Suction area of 7500mm2
• Max flow rate 245 lpm
Waterco Main Drains are manufactured using the highest quality, impact resistant thermoplastic (ABS plastic). Main Drain incorporates a Hydrostatic valve. This valve will safeguard and stop your pool from lifting out of the ground or “popping” when the water level is low or when there is water under the pool. The long ground water spear detects underground water at a greater depth and causes the hydrostatic valve to release it before it can build up to a level that may damage your pool. Waterco Main Drains are available in white and beige.
• Slip fit tail has crosshair slots for easy access into 40mm or 50mm pipe.
• Low profile for minimal intrusion into the pool.
• Suction area of 7500mm2.
• Max flow rate: 245 lpm.
• Available in black and white.
• Also available in white with 50mm threaded tail.

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