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The work of the "pool maintenance" is changing rapidly. These days, it takes more than a bucket of chlorine and a scrubbing brush to maintain a pool of multiple standards customers expect.
The endless pool (Infinity Pools) separate location very suitable for underwater fun. These are man-made ​​pool for entertainment purposes, but there are some very special.
Swimming pool and the water is often absorbed places because direct contact with water and the solution. Therefore, waterproofing and swimming pool water is inevitable. Waterproof to water leakage to the outside, resistant to water and dirt.
The Hydrostorm is designed to have all the extra power you need to cope with modern day swimming pool designs.

• 50mm / 2” quick connect unions• 2.25 litre strainer basket.
• Protected by motor protection bracket.
• Available in 1.00hp,1.25hp, 1.5hp & 2.0hp.
• 3 year warranty (Please refer to Waterco’s warranty terms & conditions).
The Hydrostorm plus has all the proven features of the Hydrostorm with the addition of an innovative lid & lock ring for easier maintenance and a larger strainer basket for increased capacity.

• 50mm / 2” quick connect unions (1hp, 1.25hp, 1.5hp & 2.0hp)
• 65mm/ 2½” quick connect unions (2.5hp & 3.0hp)• 2.25 litre strainer basket.
• Protected by motor protection bracket
• Available in 1.00hp,1.25hp, 1.5hp, 2.0hp, 2.5hp & 3.0hp
• 3 year warranty (Please refer to Waterco’s warranty terms & conditions)
Designed for commercial and extra large domestic pools, Waterco high performance pumps provide the extra power needed to cope with ancillary systems like water features, infloor cleaning, vacuum cleaning and swim/spa jets.
Built with an innovative quarter lid & lock ring and extra large strainer basket, the Hydrostar is ideal for large domestic and commercial sized swimming pools.

•80mm/3" quick connect unions
•6 litre strainer basket
•Protected by secondary seal.
•Available in 4.0hp, 5.0hp,6.0hp & 7.0hp
• 1 year warranty (Please refer to Waterco's warranty terms & conditions)
The Hydro 5000 pump features a hydraulically efficient bronze impeller which allows for quiet operation and excellent flow plus an 18 litre capacity strainer.

• 150mm/6" suction and 100mm/4" discharge
• 18 litre strainer basket
• Available in 5.4hp, 7.4hp, 10.0hp & 14.7hp
• 1 year warranty (Please refer to Waterco's warranty terms & conditions)
Hydrosteelpumps are the first hybrid of its kind; the pre-strainer is constructed from glass filled thermoplastic, while its impeller and volute are constructed from 316 grade stainless steel, ensuring a high level of durability in corrosive environments.

The pump's volute is hydraulically designed to allow for a natural balanced flow of water and minimise hydraulic turbulence. The result is a highly efficient pump with a low operating noise.

•80mm / 3" quick connect unions (4.9hp, 9.1hp & 10hp)
•100mm / 4" quick connect unions (10hp)
•8.8 litre strainer basket
•Available in 4.9hp, 9.1hp & 10.0hp

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