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The work of the "pool maintenance" is changing rapidly. These days, it takes more than a bucket of chlorine and a scrubbing brush to maintain a pool of multiple standards customers expect.
The endless pool (Infinity Pools) separate location very suitable for underwater fun. These are man-made ​​pool for entertainment purposes, but there are some very special.
Swimming pool and the water is often absorbed places because direct contact with water and the solution. Therefore, waterproofing and swimming pool water is inevitable. Waterproof to water leakage to the outside, resistant to water and dirt.

Automatic pool cleaning system


The work of the "pool maintenance" is changing rapidly. These days, it takes more than a bucket of chlorine and a scrubbing brush to maintain a pool of multiple standards customers expect.
From variable speed pump controller automation focus, today's technology in the lakes provide precise control for clients and serviceperson - and a host of new responsibilities to match.
However, the equipment on the cutting edge of automation is designed to keep the water clean and algae free with a minimum of human intervention. Many of these technologies, however, only began widespread use in industry some former leading service to dismiss them as a fad or gimmick.
But, say the advocates of the new technology, it would be a mistake. Get educated about these products, a service technician will become aware of the opportunity to make pools more energy efficient and less chemical stimulus - and it opens up new avenues to benefit profit. Here, we
explains the basics of some of the new technologies and prove they can be useful.
Swimming pool filter
New sanitary ware least expensive and most basic mineral refinery. These devices release algaecidal ions (electrons) from a proprietary mixture of minerals - copper and / or silver into the water of passive swimming pool by allowing the dissolved metal through the bars of a basketball block. Therefore, the device requires no external power source to carry out their work.
"It plumbed like a traditional chlorinator will be" George Barnett, owner of the pool builders in Austin in Austin, Texas. And just as a chlorinator on the site, a mineral purifier including dial allows precise control of the level of the ion is released into the pool. This is the simplest form of automatic release makes an ideal filter for a swimming pool owners prefer the "hands-off" management, and those who want to minimize chemical use and pool environmental footprint.
In fact, an even stronger selling point than is possible in cleaning the pool using mineral filters with very low chlorine remaining generally low 0.5 to 1.0 ppm. Like this system also eliminates the need for phosphate, in turn eliminate the need to remove phosphate levels get out of hand. In short, "Customers like that because they do not have a large chemical bill," said Troy Becker, owner of Pool in Ojai Store in Ojai, California
Another benefit cited by many supporters of alternative sanitation system mineral purifier includes a lower chlorine remaining in pool cleaning requirements with this technology than in a swimming pool disinfection traditional chlorine. Although a pool using a mineral refinery will require some sort of additional toilet - usually in the form of chlorine-automatic equipment will provide a baseline of the disinfection power as long as it is properly maintained. This means less chemical is adjusted, and therefore calls faster service and lower chemical costs for techs learn how to install and service the equipment.
It is the convenient automatic, along with the environmental friendliness of this technology, mineral filter made a best-selling items, even for consumers reasonable cost. "I installed the filter on about 80% of the mineral pool our services," Becker said, and this number is growing all the time.
Clean swimming pool with Ion
Algaecidal property has been known at least since ancient Roman times, when it was common knowledge the fountain full of coins tend to grow less algae than those Vietnam dong. Today, we know that copper and silver ions to disrupt the metabolism of algae, preventing them from digesting food, and quickly destroy them. This has led to the development of a more effective range of chemical ion-based technology and the latest of which is electric ionizers.
Ionizers provide metal ions by freeing them from the a "sacrificial bar" (a bar of copper or silver contained in a cell). When electricity passes through the cell, the metal bar is gradually eroded over time as they release ions into the water. Because these systems can run low chlorine residual than the traditional pool, remaining stable request their corresponding low, typically less than 30 ppm.
Of course, the copper and silver have been popular ingredients in traditional algaecides from the early days of the industry. However, copper and silver ions provide many benefits not available to customers using a traditional mode hygiene. For one thing, mineral filter can be associated with an automation controller and programmed to release ions with a specified speed and time, but keep the excess metal from the domestic construction while extending the life of cells of copper or silver.
Like the electrolytic chlorine generator (ECG) in the salt lakes, ionizers pass electric current through ionic minerals to release. That's where the similarities stop, however. Instead of using electricity to catalyze a chemical reaction producing chlorine, mineral filter to keep the water clean by releasing the algaecidal or silver ions directly into the water of the pool. It is this characteristic, swimming some experts say that their customers like because it keeps the swimming pool disinfection without adding salt.
Another benefit of metal ions is decreased deposits to form on the walls and floor of the pool. "You still have to adjust your pH, but you do not tend to get the water line problems, scale problems and so on," Becker said. All of these problems, he explained, was derived from the same basic cause: Bring solids into the pool, where they can stick to brick and plaster. In other words, when ionization is done most of the sanitation work, simply are not that many solid chemicals in the pool - and that means there is less opportunity for a deposit to form.
Sale and use of
Although the system is designed to provide sanitation with minimum user intervention, sell them and set them up to have maximum effect it may take a few new tricks.
The most significant of these is the likely price: mineral filter starts at around $ 1,300, while senior ionizers can run over $ 5,000. This means that it is very important to explain the long-term savings and benefits bath to any customer shows interest in these devices. Perhaps an effective way to make the point is through a side-by-side comparison of various devices simple.
For example, the price, ionizers equivalent chloride salt electrolysis, but they also bring a few unique selling points to the table. As mentioned above, they are very low remaining requirements of disinfectants and stability, a number of retailers that create a chemical environment less annoying than salt water.
However, proponents of salt chlorination systems indicated that their customers find saltwater quite comfortable. Salt water we're talking about one-tenth the salinity of the sea water, so it is gentle on the skin and eyes, "said Bob Harper, general manager of Pristiva Inc. in Overland Park, Kansas" In fact, many own swimming pool salt chlorine generator not think of them contain any chlorine at all. "
In addition, a number of veterans service said that it is easier and less expensive to swap out a couple more contracts for cleaning or swap out the disc in an ECG cell.
Salt chlorine manufacturers have different stance on this as well. "The life of any cell depends on how many hours it runs every day," Harper said, adding that maintaining good a mobile ECG may only need to be replaced every 5-7 years. In other words, the savings related to the cell is relative, and is best explained in the context of the typical bather load of a pool and the frequency of use.
Although each type of automation technology offers its own advantages, the development of advanced proven that when it comes to swimming pool, new ideas is as important as fresh water. For those who are ready to roll with the changes, the future of the industry is shaping up to be an exciting place.

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