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The work of the "pool maintenance" is changing rapidly. These days, it takes more than a bucket of chlorine and a scrubbing brush to maintain a pool of multiple standards customers expect.
The endless pool (Infinity Pools) separate location very suitable for underwater fun. These are man-made ​​pool for entertainment purposes, but there are some very special.
Swimming pool and the water is often absorbed places because direct contact with water and the solution. Therefore, waterproofing and swimming pool water is inevitable. Waterproof to water leakage to the outside, resistant to water and dirt.

A beautiful swimming pool

1. Think about the flow in the pool, spa
Many people see a hot tub with a wooden floor as just something to be placed in the middle of the pitch, with little thought to any aesthetic problem. But, regardless of the scale of the project, it is a design element meant to enhance the value of the property.
With that in mind, it is important to consider the location. Many designers put a swimming pool, spa, hot tub as close to home as possible, as this land use and increase privacy for users.
It's a good idea to think about privacy. Observe the area to see if the window of the neighboring house, and even other parts of the client's assets may allow unwanted glimpse of private moments.
Finally, choose a material sense to the house. For example, you can have a homeowner with a house gray dark brown wood required for the pool. This can be mixed well, in this case professional should suggest something more appropriate, that is, a better color will blend into the house nha.Voi design shown below, a floor Wood can help turn a mobile spa is also located at a position to luxury real ky0 in golf.

2. Bath design
Some pool builders will come up with a design even before customers choose the pool. This is not the ideal scenario. Given that this model will be used to assist in selecting a suitable color.
It is also easier to build that way.
Another important consideration is the approach needed around the tub for maintenance and repair.
On the new model, only one side needs to be accessed, since the equipment is put together. However, some of the amenities that can complicate the problem: Spa with waterfalls require access to the back for repairs, and the units with light effects around the perimeter to all All four sides are accessible.
This additional access means that, in most cases, some kind of "trap door" left to be installed in the deck.
Design-wise, there are two ways to handle the entry point. Professionals can make it blend into the design, with the saw cut as little as possible, by your continued in the same direction and pattern as the rest of the sphere. The other method is just the opposite, for a separate treatment to the trap door it does not seem like an attempt was made to hide cut sawing unsightly. If the Council is run along the length of the deck, for example, those in the trap door can be set up in the opposite direction, on a model of a diagonal or even in the decoration, making it appear as a design element.
To provide abundant room, a designer mobile panels extend 2 feet around the entire perimeter of the spa, and give them a different aesthetic. This allows full access while also giving the area an opportunity to improve the design.
In addition to allowing for repair in the future, designers also need to figure out how to improve the usability. For example, check the controller on the old tub. Although manufacturers now often placed on the same plate, a number used to locate them outside. If so, make sure customers can reach it.
Also, consider the lift up the cover. To provide for the appropriate room to work, a number of builders to create a 2-foot area more lift will be located - usually the side wall or near another.
Then discuss seat homeowners will use most often and they have to face that direction. Homeowners who do not want to sit in a chair with the best jet, only to face the chimney.
Change the direction of the wood at the transition point can also add interest to the image. Notice boards running around the spa, while the main deck is set at a diagonal. The spa can be removed to access (on the left).

3. Try to create high
While the original owner may want their hot tub sunk completely mimic an inground spa, most experts trying to convince customers.
Place the hot tub from 15 to 18 inches above the floor adds visual interest and simplify use. Ideally, the spa should be at a height where homeowners can easily sit on the sides, back, and slide their feet.
And consider the construction of the buildings has many elevation. A higher level in the rear can make the area more visually interesting while still allowing users an easy place to set up a towel, or add decorative touches like plants. More step-up for this room requires, however, so if the deck is less than 500 square feet, you may want to stick with a high degree.

4. Wood your
Pressure treated wood will last a long time, but many people feel they are not very attractive. Most builders use this material for structural elements under the surface, however, it can be colored and first performed on a selection of extremely durable and reasonably priced.
When used like this, knowing that only stainless steel hardware should be used. Wood is pressure-based treatment, and selection of fasteners made of tin or other metals will create corrosion, from different materials do not interact well with each other.
When sawing wood processing pressure for structural elements, reduction of exposure should be sprayed with a green wood preservatives as to avoid rotting of the points.
Beautiful cedar and redwood, to choose between price is relatively resistant to insects and rot. Hardwood imports are increasingly common, but can cause some complications. To start, beware of cheap treatments of wood. For example, some vendors may try to sell the ¾-inch thick. Do not settle. Use the table at least 1-1/16 inches thick. If customers want to invest in an exotic hardwood, they should buy something of high quality.
It is also important to realize that the wood is more difficult to be affected by moisture than other varieties. Council must be sealed on all sides before they are secured in place, and at least 3 inch screws should be used so that they can not be pulled out if the wood warps or glass.
In addition, there should be some sort of vapor barrier between the joists and decking.
You should also be prepared to use drill bits and saw blades, such as forests more difficult stuff.
Artificial wood composites and is being used increasingly as well. Knowing that, unlike natural wood, they must be covered with a color, and once painted, will have to remain there. They are also hot to the touch than natural wood.
5. Allow for moisture
Although moisture is an inevitable element for any outdoor design elements, its impact can be minimized.
If the background, or a part of it, will put 18 inches or less from the ground, it will need proper ventilation. As close to the ground, the more moisture will evaporate from the soil at the bottom of the timber, place a sensory problem.
Design can solve this problem by leaving both sides completely open, or include ventilation points in the timber. Plants can be used to cover the sides to the natural air flow.
Drainage system must also be addressed. There should be less water can aggregate around the base of the pool or hot tub. Ideally, this can be handled by creating a slope above the pool and hot tub. If that is not possible, install the drain pipe that will direct any flow to a lower area. Some experts would use a big line - 6 inches or more - or two pipes, in case of blockage by debris. Finally, make sure that their clients understand that the floor will have to be careful maintenance every 1-2 years for optimal longevity.

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